Leadership brand statements

Assess leaders against the statement of leadership brand

leadership brand statements

Construct your leadership brand statement, then test

Coca-cola as the real thing has to have invented colas. You cant differentiate with smoke and mirrors. Theyre thinking, Oh yeah,. You must be able to support your argument. Its not exactly like being in a court of law. Its more like being in the court of public opinion, especially with the rise of social media.

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But racehorses can be differentiated by breeding, by performance, by stable, by the trainer and so forth. Step 3: have the Credentials, there are many ways to set your company or product apart. Lets just say the trick is to find that difference and then use it to set up interior a benefit for your customer. To build a logical argument for your difference, you letter must have the credentials to support your differentiating idea, to make it real and believable. If you have a product difference, then you should be able to demonstrate that difference. The demonstration, in turn, becomes your credentials. If you have a leak-proof valve, then you should be able to have a direct comparison with valves that can leak. Claims of difference without proof are really just claims. For example, a wide-track pontiac must be wider than other cars. British Airways as the worlds favorite airline should fly more people than any other airline.

What you really want to get is essay a quick snapshot of the perceptions that exist in the mind, not deep thoughts. What youre after are the perceptual strengths and weaknesses of you and your competitors as they exist in the minds of the target group of customers. Step 2: Find the differentiating Idea. To be different is to be not the same. To be unique is to be one of its kinds. So youre looking for something that separates you from your competitors. The secret to this understands that your difference does not have to be product related. Yes, horses are quickly differentiated by their type. There are racehorses, jumpers, ranch horses, wild horses and on and.

leadership brand statements

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Thats because no one can follow you (the board, your managers, your employees) if you dont know where youre headed. How do you find the proper direction? To become a great strategist, you have to put your mind in study the mud of the marketplace. You have to find your inspiration down at the front, in the ebb and flow of the great marketing battles taking place in the mind of the prospect. Here is a four-step process to pursue: Step 1: make sense in the context. Arguments are never made in a vacuum. There are always surrounding competitors trying to make arguments of their own. Your message has to make sense in the context of the category. It has to start with what the marketplace has heard and registered from your competition.

While there is much you can learn from their success, they had the luxury of growing up when business life was a lot simpler. As a result, these role models are not very useful for companies today. There is a growing legion of competitors coming at new businesses from every corner of the globe. Technologies are ever changing. The pace of change is faster. It is increasingly difficult for ceos to digest the flood of information out there and make the right choices. But a ceo can have a future. The trick to surviving out there is not to stare at the balance sheet but simply to know where you must go to find success in a market.

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leadership brand statements

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Ironically, david Packard of Hewlett-Packard fame once observed that marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people. but as the years rolled on, rather than learn about marketing and innovation, executives started to search for role models instead of marketing models. Tom Peters probably gave this trend a giant manager boost with the very successful book he co-authored, In search of Excellence. Excellence, as defined in that book, didnt equal longevity, however, as many of the role models offered there have since foundered. In retrospect, a better title for the book might have been. In search of Strategy. A popular method-by-example book has been.

Built to last by james Collins and Jerry porras. In it, they write glowingly about Big hairy audacious goals that turned the likes of boeing, wal-Mart Stores, general interesting Electric, ibm and others into the successful giants they have become. The companies that the authors. Built to last suggest for emulation were founded from 1812 (Citicorp) to 1945 (Wal-Mart). These firms didnt have to deal with the intense competition in todays global economy.

So, if a leader identifies certain goals but fails to achieve them, there are no takers for that leadership brand, similarly if a leader displays behaviors contradictory to what is outlined by his brand values, then also the credibility and respect of the brand. Authorship/Referencing - about the author(s the article is Written by prachi juneja and reviewed. Management Study guide content team. Msg content team comprises experienced Faculty member, Professionals and Subject Matter Experts. To know more, click. The use of this material is free for learning and education purpose.

Please reference authorship of content used, including link(s) to m and the content page url. Long ago peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, made a very profound observation that has been lost in the sands of time: because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: marketing and. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business. Today, when top management is surveyed, their priorities in order are finance, sales, production, management, legal and people. Missing from the list: marketing and innovation. When one considers the trouble that many of our icons have run into in recent years, it is not easy to surmise that Druckers advice would have perhaps helped management to avoid the problems they face today.

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One might identify drive for result as ones core strength area and can create a leadership brand based on the same. The next step becomes defining your identity. One might chose two or three word phrases to define their approach to leadership like innovating to Excel etc. The last step becomes coming up with a leadership statement which conjuncts what one wants to be known for and what one wants to achieve. It is also important for leaders to check their leadership brand with seniors, subordinates and other stake-holders to understand their expectations from the role; and if resume any disconnect is pointed out, it needs to be incorporated. Apart from the above aspects, leaders need to role model themselves and redefine their perceptions and ambitions to encompass the entire institution, which they represent. A leader needs to put the interests of the organization and stakeholders before his/her personal ambition and goals and strive to create success which is sustainable and does not need their constant presence. The leaders need to understand that a personal leadership brand cannot be created overnight but credibility is earned the hard way, through years of perseverance. Once a leadership brand is created its acceptance and stability is established only after results are achieved.

leadership brand statements

Every leader has a personal leadership brand which might be carefully cultivated or intuitively perceived by leaders themselves and their followers. A personal leadership brand is an exclusive and a specific approach of a leader to address challenges and manage his/her transactions with their subordinates or followers. The best part of having a leadership brand is that it allows the flexibility to the leaders to define their own leadership objectives and then position themselves appropriately as per the need and situation. For example lee iacocca promulgated a leadership brand which was resolute, determined, persuasive and ready to take risks which helped him turn around Chrysler similarly gandhis leadership brand was that of integrity, honesty, principles, strength of character length and above all truth. It is essential for a leader to practice his/her leadership brand in thoughts and actions. How can a leader build up a leadership brand if they do not have one already. A leadership brand helps distinguish leaders and also outlines their approach, values, beliefs etc. The first step definitely is identifying and establishing the results one wants to achieve by the end of a specific time period with a focus on preserving the interests of key stakeholders. The second step becomes those distinguishing features with which one wants to be known as a leader.

every day and youll help to start switching on those mental processes that create the behaviours you want. Write it down, keep it visible, and find other stimulants that remind you. Some of my clients use pictures that they hang in their offices or put on their desks, others have even found music tracks that they play to themselves as they travel to work. Whatever it is, the conditioning of repetition creates our new behaviours, and with it our rebranding as leaders. One thing I doubt well ever know now though is what Margaret Thatcher used as her personal mantra to switch on her chosen behaviours which created her leadership Brand, and what her coaches were telling her to say to herself everyday. John is Mentor Groups lead prism brain Mapping practitioner a ground breaking neuroscience based approach which provides individuals with a unique insight into their personal brain function, including Mental toughness and Emotional Intelligence and their impacts on the behaviours which affect performance. Click here to find out more about prism. Tags: Brain mapping, mentor, mentor Group, neuro Science, prism, thatcher.

These qualities are known to be driven by brain functions that are actually on the opposite good side of the human brain to those which we use to get ourselves noticed by being good at our jobs as non-leaders. So in effect we need to learn to switch on new brain functions to create our leadership Brand. The reason we now know this is that, due to the appliance of science, we are now able to look into functioning human brains. From this we can prove what philosophers and psychologists as far back as Plato and Aristotle have theorised: that whilst the human brain processes our thoughts and reactions to external stimulus using its entire computing power, the neurons which process specific behaviours reside in distinct. The strength of the connections between these neurons, caused as a result of a combination of genetics, early life (0-20 years approximately) and current environmental conditioning, provide us with our personality or in other words how we react and respond to situations and stimulus. In short our personal brand, which becomes our leadership Brand when we take on such roles. To create the leadership Brand we want, we have to learn to switch on and off those brain functions that match with the behaviours that define the brand. Easier said than done, but a simple way to start is to create for yourself a leadership Brand Statement.

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By john Phillips, like or loath her you could never say that the late baroness Thatcher had a personal brand that left you unclear of what she stood for. What became clearer to me though from the various tv programmes shown over the last few weeks and the sermon given by the bishop of London at her funeral service at St pauls Cathedral, is that her brand was one that she had to work. She had to be coached to both soften and harden her persona in different circumstances dependent on the situation, but underneath it all you knew that the strong determination to see through her beliefs was the real Mrs. As leaders of people and businesses, essay it is essential that we develop a leadership Brand that is both authentic to our beliefs and opinions, but which also matches with both the situation and the culture of the organisation in which we work. Whilst coaching will help you achieve this, we first need to ask ourselves What do you wish to be known for? Sounds pretty straight forward, but you need to consider what a leadership role actually. Many people that I talk to state that they want to be known for being technically proficient, hardworking, accurate and executing or delivering on projects and outputs. All these are of course essential attributes to actually get yourself noticed and promoted to a position of leadership, but not ones that are actually the most important once you get there! Most senior executives talk about needing to be innovative, strategic, creative, collaborative, and independent, whilst maintaining a strong focus on results.

leadership brand statements
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  4. A personal leadership brand is an exclusive and a specific approach of a leader to address challenges and manage his/her transactions with their.a brand and create a positive brand presence. To these questions as well as a few concise statements covering the seven pillars of digital leadership. A strong personal leadership brand allows all thats powerful and effective about your leadership to become known to your colleagues, enabling you.

  5. So does your leadership brand —a shared identity among your organizations leaders that differentiates what they can do from what your rivals leaders. Your investment in the. Leadership, brand workshop, is 1,950 inc vat, for which you'll receive a full day of one-to-one coaching, your Strengthscope.

  6. These are good examples of leadership brand statements. You can refine and change them, but they shouldnt be long diatribes. As leaders of people and businesses, it is essential that we develop. Leadership, brand that is both authentic to our beliefs and opinions, but.

  7. Please provide your name and email address, and we will provide you with a link to download our. Leadership, brand, statement worksheet. Leadership brand : developing customer-focused leaders to drive performance and build lasting value /.

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