Writing a resume in 2017

What your Resume Should look like in 2017 money - time

writing a resume in 2017

What your Resume Should look like in 2018 money - time

Our society as a whole is becoming more visually dependent. Paul Martin Lester, a communications Professor at California state University, fullerton, summarized this well when he said: Something is happening. We are becoming a visually mediated society. For many, understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words, but by reading images. This is not exclusive of our career documents, job seekers. In fact, i encourage you to be ahead of the curve when it comes to communicating with visuals—because this isnt going away in our increasingly technology-dependent society. As a side note, visuals do not incorporate well into applicant tracking software, so if youre applying online use your ats version. Try not to put all your job search eggs into the online job search basket, though, since the results are much less impressive than referrals, networking, being promoted from within, and tapping into the hidden job market.

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It could be anything, and Im left guessing! . Dont make the recruiter guess. Spell out your results using actual stories about what youve done, how you did it, and what the actual results were. 2017 Resume tip #7 incorporate color im still surprised at how many job seekers stick to the plain-old black-and-white resume designs. Im not advocating for a rainbow, but figuring out your brand color and incorporating it into your resume could prove very beneficial. Plenty of studies have been conducted that show colors have certain attributes to them. Heres a great video that discusses personal branding and color. Once you figure out your brand color, incorporate that into your resume and youll be surprised at how much that first impression good carries weight with the employer without it even having to say anything. As a side note, id also encourage you to incorporate that color into your LinkedIn profile so your brand image is the same across all your job search tools. 2017 Resume tip #8 visuals are important visual representation of data is becoming increasingly needful, even on resumes. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Pointless words that dont differentiate you as the best choice and take up valuable space. Examples of these are: - professional - success - results Use better alternatives that tell them something they really need to know. For example, in your career snapshot, instead of using the word professional, use the actual job title. This is great for keyword optimization, and you are telling the employer the position title you want or have previously held. Instead of saying you have had great success in your career, give them an example of that success—and use metrics. Same goes for the word results. The word itself doesnt tell me what kind of results youve achieved.

writing a resume in 2017

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I say this because i want you to realize that part of your resume s success is wrapped up in how effectively you capture their attention—and keep. Youre writing for an audience that is being pulled in ten different directions at one time, so you need to bear this in mind when communicating with essay them. Instead of using a career summary or profile at the top of your resume i encourage you to take the career snapshot route instead. We want to grab their attention and make them care. Think about how a new story grabs your attention. It does so with a compelling headline and some quick bullets that give you the most-important, need-to-know facts. It isnt until later slogan down at the bottom of the story youll get the rest of the details. When putting together the top third of your resume, create a compelling one-line branding statement, follow that with some quick, easy-to-read bullets that contain the most important facts you want the employer to know about you—how youre the perfect fit for the position. 2017 Resume tip #6 remove filler words what are filler words?

This needs to be the first place you direct the employer so that they can learn more about your accomplishments and culture fit for their company. While youre directing them to your LinkedIn profile, go ahead and make sure that there are not any spelling or grammar errors. . 72 of employers view this negatively, and it will affect their decision to interview or hire. 2017 Resume tip #4 leave politics off your resume (unless youre a politician) In a very heated election year, its easy to talk politics, and Im not here to start a debate. What i am here to do is share with you the facts, and theres something important you need to know—recruiters are not indifferent to your political opinions. In fact, 9 of recruiters reported they would have a reaction to finding out a candidates political affiliation on social media—and the bias stats are shocking: 64 of recruiters said they would be more likely to have a bias against a trump supporter than. Im not going to start a debate here, and right or wrong, we could all jump in on a dispute; I simply want to make you very aware of what the numbers say, and that what you choose to share or not share may affect. 2017 Resume tip #5 snapshot instead of summary weve become a generation of expert multitaskers, and this doesnt exclude recruiters. In fact, recruiters and hr departments probably have more plates spinning at one time than the rest.

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writing a resume in 2017

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However, in the recent JobVite survey i mentioned above, second to job experience (67) recruiters rated culture fit of high importance (60) when making a someone hiring decision. Your resume and cover letter are the best place to start emphasizing your cultural fit for the organization. How do you find out what the companys culture is like: - talk to current employees and managers. review the companys website. facebook linkedIn are perfect places to follow the company thesis to learn more about its culture. Once youve learned more about what the culture is like make sure you take the opportunity to explain how youre a good fit within the culture of the company.

You can do this through relevant examples of past experiences or by telling them in your cover letter why youre a fit. Recruiters also said the number-one way they evaluate culture fit is communication style. Keep that in mind when you are writing your resume, and cover letter too. 2017 Resume tip #3 include linkedin if you havent already, include your LinkedIn profile url on your resume. Put the url at the top of the resume next to all of your other contact information, and hyperlink it so that if a recruiter is looking at a microsoft Word or Adobe pdf version of your resume all they need to do is click. Im amazed at how many people either still dont have a linkedIn profile or do not include the url on their resumes. 87 of recruiters report using LinkedIn first when it comes to searching for qualified candidates.

Its not just the increased hiring; combine that with amplified job seeker optimism (50 the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 at 5, and recruiters predicting a talent shortage for 2017, which means employers will be competing for you the job seeker. With all this in mind its time to take a serious look at your resume and raise the standards for your 2017 job search. Here are my top ten resume tips to help you write a competitive resume for 2017. 2017, resume, tip #1, freshen up your, resume. If youre using a microsoft Word template resume, havent updated your resume in five-plus years, still have an objective at the top of your resume, or dont know what a branding statement is—never mind not having one on your resume —then its time to ditch.

Consider incorporating graphics—visually engaging elements such as borders, shading, charts, or graphs. Get serious about your personal brand and how you offer a solution to an employers desperate need. 2017 is going to be a job seekers market and employers already know theyll be competing for top talent. In fact, more than 60 of them will be investing in their company career sites and working on improving their employer branding just to attract you. Make sure your resume is up to date and communicates that youre the best fit. 2017, resume, tip #2, address culture fit immediately, we dont talk about culture fit much when it comes to resumes because were always giving advice about keywords, formatting, branding, and career experience.

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Aim to complete the series of steps outlined above and you should be set to capture lab the attention of prospective recruiters instead of falling between the cracks. I believe that 2017 will be a year filled with hope and optimism for job seekers. Most everyone experiences excitement at the beginning of a brand New qualitative year not yet filled with mistakes or regrets. So for those starting off the new year job searching its going to be a great year filled with opportunities. According to the 2016 Recruiter Nation survey just wrapped up by jobVite, 69 of recruiters reported their hiring increased this year and almost 40 cited it increased significantly. . Additionally, 35 of recruiters are projecting theyll be hiring for at least 100 new positions this year, up from 26 last year. These numbers are even higher for three fields seeing the greatest growth right now: technology, healthcare, and finance with more than 70 reporting hiring increases.

writing a resume in 2017

This is your chance to grab their attention and (hopefully) inspire them to hire you. Try not to waste it by sounding lifeless. There are plenty of ways to inject personality into your resume, but it is probably ideal to get creative at the beginning and/or end of the document. As was noted above, a strong opening statement is fundamental to a good resume. Confine the bulk of your personal touches to this area as human eyes will be glancing here uni first. Resume writing is so much more than the stringing together of bullet points and buzzwords. Your resume can be a prime ticket to a successful career or it can suck.

close attention to the keywords that were used in the job description and match them closely at least once in your resume. This is the single most effective way to sidestep these types of programs and get your resume into human hands. Another great thing you can do is deliberately section off your resume into contact Information, skills, Experience and Education. These are the four sections the software is most likely to divide your resume into as it is being processed, so it can help to be proactive in signaling where each portion begins and ends. Step 3 Transcend the page. No, you need not take up intermittent meditation to make this possible. All you need to do is be yourself. Nothing bores recruiters like a resume printed by the hands of a lifeless machine.

In the talent acquisition corner, software already reigns supreme, serving as the first net with which big businesses catch good applicants while ignoring the bad. Thus, resume writing in 2017 involves hibernation circumventing not only the dulled senses of tired recruiters, but also the algorithms put in place to separate viable applicants from unacceptable ones. This article should help to guide job seekers safely through this modern application minefield by touching on the key elements of resume writing that matter most this year. Step 1 The basics, there are plenty of interesting and effective ideas in regards to the formatting and styling of your resume, but we will go over all the details later. Of primary importance are the basic fundamentals that your resume must contain to serve its purpose effectively. Be sure to include all of your contact information along with a strong opening statement. You will also need a list of your skills, education and employment history as well as a reference or two (if possible). Step 2 The ats, as was mentioned before, technology is a big part of the recruiting process for both large and small companies alike.

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Resume writing is a skill all too often overlooked by job seekers, to their own detriment. A great resume is much like a great recipe. Worded well, it can make potential employers salivate even before meeting you in person. Worded poorly, it can make their stomachs turn. Unfortunately, in recent years, the art of resume resume writing has only grown in complexity. As we progress, our use of technology continues to alter the basic ways in which we handle all tasks. Businesses have certainly not been immune to this trend, with software and automation taking root in almost all areas of operation.

writing a resume in 2017
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