Review of literature on depression

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review of literature on depression

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Journal of Homosexuality 42(1 63-88. Sexual orientation, sense of belonging and depression in Australian men. International journal of Men's health 6(3 259- 272. The mental health status of young adult and.

Postpartum depression in India: a systematic review and

Lesbian Studies 9(3 7-18. Correlates of suicide attempts in an open cohort of young men who have sex with men. Canadian journal of Public. Mental health write problems among lesbian, gay, and bisexual young peoples ages 14. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry 7(3 433-456. Sexual orientation and mental health in a birth cohort of young adults. Psychological Medicine 35(7 971-981. Writing Themselves In Again 6 years on: the second national report on the sexuality, health and well being of same sex attracted young people. Melbourne: Australian Research Centre in Sex health and Society, la trobe University. Sexual orientation and mental health: results from a community survey of young and middle-aged adults. An empirical analysis of stressors for gay men and lesbians.

Finally, adolescent depression is discussed in relation to nursing process and nursing research. 17, bibliography, australian Bureau of Statistics (2008). National Survey of Mental health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 2007, abs catalogue. Available from: ayala,. Predictors of depression among lesbian women. Journal of Lesbian Studies 4(3 71-86. The co-occurrence of depression and alcohol dependence symptoms in a community sample of lesbians.

review of literature on depression

Effect of Probiotics on Depression : a systematic, review and

Methods: A literature review of resume Psycinfo, medline, and cinahl databases was conducted in order to identify and evaluate depression report and treatment outcomes among. College students since 1990. Results: four studies documenting depression and treatment outcomes among. College students were identified and reviewed. Conclusions: Although research on the depression and treatment outcomes among. College students exists, it is scarce and inconsistent, with varying inclusion and exclusion criteria and measurement of depression severity and its treatment. Future work needs to focus on the development of reasonable benchmarks of depression and treatment outcomes in the college population and the integration of such outcome data into college mental health practice. This article is a review of relevant literature concerning depression, a complex and multidimensional phenomenon that strikes adolescents in a variety of ways and with varying degrees of intensity. The definitions, prevalence, theoretical approaches, and related variables of adolescent depression are discussed.

British journal of Psychia- try, 184, 386-392. A comprehensive guide to interpersonal psy- chotherapy. Westen,., morrison,. A multidimensional meta-analysis of treatments for depression, panic, and generalized anxiety disorder: An empirical examination of the status of empirically supported therapies. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 69(6 875-899). Objective: The mental health. College students is a growing public health concern. Particularly alarming is the prevalence of depression and risk of suicide in this cohort.

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review of literature on depression

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Shea,., widiger,., klein,. Comorbidity of personality disorders and depression: Implications for treatment. Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psy- chology, 60, 857-868. Shedler,., westen,. Refining personality disorder diagnoses: Integrating science and practice. American journal of Psychiatry,161.

Scripts people live: Transactional analysis of life scripts. New story York, ny: Grove press. Stuart,., robertson,. Interpersonal psycho- therapy: A clinicians guide. London, England: Hodder- Arnold. L., Chatterji,., mathers,., murray,. Global burden of depressive disorders in the year 2000.

Somatic symptoms in treatment- resistant depression. Psychiatry research, 118, 39-45. Glucocorticoid receptors in major depression: Relevance to patho- physiology and treatment. Biological Psychiatry, 49, 391-404. Silver Spring, md: Alliance of Psychoanalytic Organizations.

Piccinelli,., wilkinson,. Outcome of de- pression in psychiatric settings. The British journal of Psychiatry, 164, 297-304. L., Schiff,., schiff,. Transactional Analysis journal, 5, 290-294. De- veloping cognitive-behavioural counselling.

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Depression, chronic diseases, and decrements in health: Results from the world health surveys. cognitive paperwork behav- ioural therapy in mental health care (pp. Lon- don, England: Sage. Office of National Statistics. Psychiatric morbidity among adults living in private households in Great Britain. I., petersen,., denninger,., sonawalla,. B., mahal,., Alpert,.

review of literature on depression

The psy- chological birth of the human infant. York, ny: guilford Press. Mellor,., schiff,. Transaction- al Analysis journal, 5(3 295-302. H., Bradley,., westen,. The external validity of controlled clinical trials of psycho- therap y for depress ion and anxiety: A na turalist ic stud. Psychology and Psychotherapy: oral Theory, research and. Moussavi,., Chatterji,., verdes,., tandon,., patel,., ustun,.

: A meta-analysis. A case of severe depression. Transactional Analysis journal, 17, 38-43. S., pine,., bergman,.

American journal of Psychiatry, 140, 689- 694. C., berglund,., demler,., jin,., koretz,., merikangas,. The epidemiology of major depressive disorder: Results from the national comorbidity survey replication (ncs. Journal of the American Medical Association, writing 289. Envy and gratitude and other works. New York, ny: The Free press. Interpersonal psychotherapy of depression. New York, ny: Basic books.

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Mark widdowson 364 Transactional Analysis friendship journal normal, neurotic and psychotic conditions. New York, ny: International Universities Press. Depression: An integration of ta and psychodynamic concepts. Transactiona l Analysis jour- nal, 17, 29-34. Analysis Bulletin, 7(26 39-43. W., Endicott,., coryell,., klerman,. Double depression: Two-year follow.

review of literature on depression
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  5. Pdf full-text On Jan 1, 2008, julienne corboz and others published a review of t he literature on Depression and Related Issues among gay, lesbian. Pdf this article summarizes data on the prevalence and diagnosis of depression a s well as findings from research regarding recovery and relapse from. Objective: to review current literature regarding depression and an xiety in women with cardiovascular disease.

  6. Despite the great burden of depression on sufferers and society, there is a lack o f reliable information regarding the full range of psychosocial difficulties. Adolescent depression: a review of the l iterature. Author information: (1)University of Nebraska medical. A literatu re review of studies of depression and treatment outcomes among.

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