Essay on role of student in nation building

Role of Students in Nation building - an Essay, a short Speech

essay on role of student in nation building

Role of student s in nation building - library kendriya

All the young people may take part in this noble task according to their capacities. First of all, they should be made to understand a specific project and its importance to the society and also the part they could play in it for making it a success. Given a suitable direction, they are sure to work hard for its fulfilment. They would feel more than satisfied by the realization that, they have been assigned a role in the task of nation-building, The realization will encourage them to put their hearts for fulfilling the commitment. Whatever is done by the government for nation-building, affects the whole society —the young and the old alike. At least the youth think that they are being denied the right of participation in this task. It would be wise to associate them with all such programmes which relate to them.

Role of student and progress of country - the nation

1 Indian yoiith have never lagged behind when called upon to meet any challenge. It is for the national leaders to play their part by mobilising their abilities and providing them with suitable opportunities. Let there marketing be no doubt about the strength, power and capabilities of youth all-over the world. They were instrumental in dethroning autocratic rulers —the czars of Russia, sukarno of Indonesia; Hitler of Germany, indira gandhi of India (during 1977 elections Shah Mohammed reza pehalvi of Iran etc. The massive youth movement in czechoslovakia succeeded against the military invasion of their country. The recent histories of Kampuchea, korea, cuba, france and myanmar provide evidences of their invincible might. Further, in our own country before partition, the youth played a very dynamic role in the freedom movement. Advertisements: After independence too, they are in the forefront of many forceful movements. They have changed the shape of many a state government and have influenced their policy decisions. The task of nation-building is herculean and can be divided into phases. Everyone can contribute towards the same.

The majority of youth comprises this age group. Image source: The students, employees, workers, farmers and persons from various professions —including the unemployed educated —are the citizens which really matter in all walks and disciplines of our national life. Unfortunately, a large number of these are without proper guidelines about their futures. It is dangerous to allow them to remain idle as it would increase their frustration which would result in chaos and disturbances. Advertisements: It is a great national wastage of human resources if these strong hands are not allocated some suitable jobs. No country can afford such a wastage. They should be directed appropiately to engage in some constructive tasks. This manpower can do wonders provided its potential is tapped for the developmental projects of the nation.

essay on role of student in nation building

468 Words Essay on role of students in the development of a nation

They can be utilized as a constructive and as a destructive force by any nation. During the eighties, the youth power made itself prominent in essay many socialist countries of Europe and in China. Tianamen Square in beijing, China witnessed a powerful demonstration. Advertisements: Thousands of Chinese youth sacrificed their lives in order to bring democracy in that autocratic State. Wherever there are riots in any country, political forces use the youth power to promote their interest During the riots against Mandal Commission in India, thousands of college students agitated in the streets of the cities. Many of them committed self-immolation. India is a large country with a population of 100 crore individuals. Those between the age of 15 to form more than 50 per cent of the total population.

Invited to give the Presidential address for a special lecture on the topic The role of youth in Nation building on the occasion of Bhagat Singh, sukhdev and Rajagurus martyrs day (Shaheed Diwas) on 26th March 2013 from.00 pm.00 pm in the. Subhash Chandra Show was conducted at National Institute of Fashion Technology, patna in Bihar with 150 students. Chandra spoke about the role of youth in Nation building. He said that contrary to belief, todays youth is not directionless but is probably full of doubts like any young man or is week. He said that contrary to belief, todays youth is not directionless but is probably full of doubts like any young man or woman. Youth power is a recognized force in the world today. The youth are filled with tremendous energy and towering ambitions.

Essay on Role of Student in Nation building - 932 Words - studyMode

essay on role of student in nation building

Essay on the role of Students in Society (750 Words)

Of towns Law uog in his speech highlighted the role of youth in nation building and institution building especially uog. The role of youth in nation building (Open Library). This day also there was morning program at the conference hall. Shri venkateswarulu, senior teacher of Sri sathya sai higher Secondary school was the guest. He spoke on the role of youth in nation building.

He cited some beautiful experience of devotees to prove that Bhagwan loves those who love and serve his fellowmen. Equally significant is the remarks made by Oral Jesse Ansah, a colleague student journalist on the role of the youth in nation building. He indicated that the youth should be more interested in education since education is the fulcrum or pivot around which good the whole nation revolves. Arguably what he sought to imply was that when the youth have access to education they can contribute significantly to nation building. 2012, forging Dynamism towards Nation building brings a very critical topic on the role of youth in nation building. The term - nation building - is usually used.

Violence leads to terrorism. Every effort must be made to do away with. Students as citizens of India must play an active part in putting down such evils. Students should participate in the political life of the country, but not at the cost of their studies. No doubt, the voting age has now been lowered to 18 years, but this does not mean that they should neglect their studies. Seasoned and experienced leaders are there to shape the destiny of the nation.

Students will be required to take their place when they retire. They are the future builders of the nation. Their duty in the present is to prepare for the future. They should be well equipped morally, emotionally, mentally and physically. In this way alone would they do discharging their duty to their motherland. "There is a great need to start the conversation about the role of youth in nation building, training and education of children, de-radicalisation and social integration and various challenges being faced by muslim youth he said. The role of the youth in the nation building is crucial. Nasir Majeed head of the dept.

Essay : Today s Students Tomorrow s Nation builders

For them no duty is of greater importance than essay the development of character. Today communalism threatens to break the country into pieces. Religion is being used to secure votes. This must not be done. It is the duty of students to see that religion is declined from politics. Religion must not be misused for political purposes. Further, students must shun violence.

essay on role of student in nation building

Advertisements: A nation does not live by its big factories, dams or buildings. It can live only by the character of its people. During three hundred years of foreign rule, our moral character was shaken. Students are yet in the process of training. It is their sacred duty to build up their character. They must learn from the very beginning the lesson of self-help, self-reliance and self-sacrifice. These are the essential qualities of character which they must acquire. They should learn to co-operate with each other in their class-rooms, on playgrounds and in other activities of college life.

Gujarat, in Punjab, in Assam, in Bihar, and in other parts of the country, students were used as tools. They took part in agitations against price-rise, unemployment, or for the dissolution of some legislative assembly or the other at the cost of their studies. Students must safeguard themselves against their involvement in politics. It simply means wastage of time and energy. Only mature minds can be successful in politics. The first duty of students is to carry on their studies. They should avoid politics.

Not only students but also mature citizens, responsible leaders and honorable legislators, often behave in an undisciplined way. This shows that they did not get proper training in early life. Naturally, it becomes the most important duty of students to be fully disciplined. They should be disciplined in every thought and action. No one can become disciplined. It is essential in their life outside schools and colleges. The damaging of public property, burning of buses etc., are all signs report of indiscipline. They are anit-national activities. Students must not indulge in them.

Role and Importance of Students in Society news24

Life is too short for acquiring knowledge. Student life is mainly meant for studies. A student who devotes his full energy and time to his studies is a good son of proposal his motherland. India needs mentally alert and able young men and women. It is the duty of students to acquire as much knowledge as they can during their student life. Image source: g, a nation of undisciplined citizens can never make any progress. Such a nation is always in danger of extinction. Indiscipline is a serious drawback of our national life.

essay on role of student in nation building
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