Government shutdown essay

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government shutdown essay

What this government shutdown means

Some of the blame seems to be apportioned to President Trump and the republican Party in general, and some to the basic design of the American political system. But overall, there is a sense that the shutdown has exposed something very wrong about the United States. The presidents own people are in a state of rolling confusion. A lot of the international press was interested in the nuts and bolts of the shutdown, especially as it affected their citizens travel plans. The us embassy in Ballsbridge, dublin has clarified that offices there are open as scheduled despite the us government shutdown, Irelands state broadcaster rte clarified. But the world, like many Americans, was also interested in playing the blame game: Who is responsible for this, and why? Trump came in for a lot of the blame, personally.

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Without budget caps, any massive spending bill risks triggering a sequester — across-the-board cuts to domestic and military spending. This is the shutdown showdown. The us government shutdown was, of course, massive international news — its essentially the worlds most powerful country and its largest economy going haywire. How does this chaos look through international eyes? To find out, i spent the morning reading press coverage from a number of countries — from neighbors like canada and Mexico to european allies to state-run essay media in Russia and China. What I found was a remarkable convergence on a single theme: The shutdown happened because there is something deeply wrong with the American political system. Canadians like to think their system of governance is better than the American one. If they want more evidence, they need only look at whats happening now — a government shutdown in Washington — and be thankful their system doesnt allow the same shenanigans, writes Lawrence martin, a columnist for Canadas right-leaning. Globe and mail newspaper. Reporters in democratic nations like britain and France are stunned; authoritarian propagandists are downright giddy that Americas political system could collapse into chaos so easily.

At this point, three things could happen Friday: 1 the government shuts down. Unless something changes, this is where congress is headed. 2 the government stays open, without a deal on immigration. In this scenario, congress passes some kind of short-term spending bill (either what the house passed or something shorter) and keeps the government open for now — kicking the can down the road until they can reach an agreement. 3 the government stays open, with some kind of deal on immigration. This scenario short would be a major legislative feat at this point. Its highly unlikely congress will have an actual immigration bill by Friday, but its possible leadership can come to some kind of agreement. In any scenario, congress isnt going to pass a permanent spending deal for 2018 this week because the parties still havent agreed on new budget caps, which put a hard upper limit on spending, for defense and domestic programs.

government shutdown essay

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But the senate needs to pass a 60-vote threshold, and both Democrats and Republicans say they are fed up with short-term spending deals. The impasse in the senate comes down to a deepening frustration over the state of immigration negotiations and longer-term budget talks. Republicans have punted on finding a legislative fix for the Obama-era deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program since september, when the Trump administration announced it would end the program by march. Theyve also kicked down budget negotiations, instead slogan passing three short-term spending deals since October. Trump spun immigration negotiations into chaos last week, insisting first that party he was on board with a bipartisan proposal to fix the program and then turning on that support by Thursday, reportedly calling some countries shitholes. Will the government actually shut down? Office of Management and Budget Director Mick mulvaney put the odds at 50-50. There is still a long-shot idea: Democrats have offered to support a short-short-term cr, or a bill that would keep the government funded for a few more days to wrap daca negotiations. The proposal is gaining some traction.

Virginia was also pushed to the top of the list by being the second largest state that houses the most veterans. All of this shows that the people in Virginia where impacted the worst from the shutdown. The biggest problem that still seems to be a very significant issue that the politicians like to toy with is the damn debt ceiling. Instead of treating the debt ceiling for what it is, a limit that should never be exceeded, our politicians decide to raise it whenever the debt gets closer. This is an issue that will only spark further shutdowns and should be our highest priority. Congress has a looming midnight deadline to keep the government open, but there still arent enough senators willing to vote for a month-long short-term spending bill to avert a federal shutdown. If the government shuts down, a lot of nonessential government activities would cease — from federally funded research to operations of national parks — come saturday, january. In a midterm election year, a shutdown could also have serious political consequences for both Republicans and Democrats, depending on who gets the blame. The house passed a short-term spending measure — a continuing resolution (CR) — thursday that would extend the shutdown deadline to february 16, fund the Childrens health Insurance Program for six years, and suspend some Obamacare taxes.

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government shutdown essay

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The shutdown caused many programs to shutdown, though many more where still able to function. If the shutdown had lasted longer there would have been an even bigger issue. Something this big isnt a joke this could have turned out significantly worse and people need to understand this. This debt problem that had a large impact on this shutdown didnt just pop out of nowhere. Show more content, but unfortunately many national parks and memorials had to be shut down because without funding there was no way to cover the costs to stay open. This caused problems with many veterans who wished to enter the war memorials. This even led to a riot and a break in at a world War 2 Memorial.

Many federal workers were furloughed which basically means that they were let off temporarily till the government started back. So large sums of workers were given a vacation, but if the government had been shut down longer, this could have become a very pressing issue. After the shutdown some research was done to see just which states where hit the hardest. According to nbc washington Virginia was the state that had the hardest impact from the shutdown. Many of Virginias mortgage loans, on real estate, where backed essay up with federal funds causing many houses to foreclose.

It shut down on October 1st because that was the end of one fiscal year in congress and the start of another. Their primary task was to pass a bill by the end of the fiscal year, which they failed to do based on disagreements in funding, thus resulting in a temporary shutdown of many unfunded agencies. They main cause of this dispute was over The patient Protection and Affordable care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Since President Obama is a democrat, he had the democratic side of congress backing him on his decisions while the republican side disagreed. This disagreement grew as house republicans insisted that any new bills include provisions to defund or derail Obamacare whereas the senate democrats insisted that it did the exact opposite. The laws on health care doesnt have a direct part on why the government shut down, but its more so that some republicans think that Obamacare is going to have nothing but negative results if it is put in place.

They believed that it became worth disrupting the entire United States government funding in order to prevent. These shutdowns can have colossal impacts on the. 1849 Words 8 Pages, on October 1 the. Government shutdown, thats right the only thing keeping us from complete and total anarchy shutdown for 16 days. So why are we treating it like this is some common media trash. Our government may be acting like a bunch of kids when it comes to the debt crisis but having to shut down over a disagreement seems like a bit of a drastic measure.

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The second most recent to the one of last fall occurred December 5, 1995 to january 6, 1996, teresa lasting a total of 21 days, making it the longest shutdown in the United States history. Republicans pushed for the proposal of a seven year budget plan basing off of the congressional Budget Offices (CBO) readings as opposed to the Office of Management and Budget readings, which were believed to be too optimistic. This resulted in a shutdown of the government on the basis of a disagreement between President Clintons beliefs and the republican leaders during that time. It was finally resolved when the republicans gave up and agreed to pass legislation to reinstate the government. It is not always directly the Presidents business either; however they do have to contribute to resolving due to the shear fact that they have to take care of their country and do what is best for the American people. Often enough, the President does have a direct correlation to the problem at hand either through vetoing or disagreeing with the beliefs of some congress members. The most recent shutdown took place from October 1, 2013 until October 16, 2013. Congress failed to pass a spending bill that would fund certain services throughout the government.

government shutdown essay

When money cant be put down to fund certain agencies, they begin to dissipate write resulting in a shutdown of the entire system. They have shown to cause drastic effects, demonstrated throughout the several times occurring in the past. Each one is cause by a different reason but the majority deal with unfair and unequal spending/funding of services and agencies. The United States is no stranger to shutting down. The first of which took place in the fall of 1976, spanning a total of 10 days from September 30th to October 11th. It was on the basis of the departments of Labor and health, Education, and Welfare. The conflict arose when the President Ford, the president at the time, vetoed a bill which would have funded those departments. His argument was that it didnt meet the requirements for restraining spending adequately to those departments. It was resolved when congress overruled the presidents veto and created a continuing resolution that sought to end funding gaps, which became law.

would not have shut it down. I think that congress would come to a faster decision if they were also not getting paid. They would also know how many people feel right now not having a job. This is my opinion on the government shutting down. Ryan Achuff 4/5/2014, block 1, rebooting the government The United States government has shut down a total of 18 times in the history of its existence, including the most recent in the fall of 2013. These occur when the two majority parties cant come to a conclusion on a spending bill or if the president decides to veto. The reason being is that the government is not legally entitled to spend money.

My article says that this Is not the first government hoedown. The first government shutdown was In late 1995. That one lasted 21 days, Into 1996. My article Is about Republicans and Democrats not coming to an agreement on the spending plan for this year. One of the mall part of their disagreement Is beamer. But most Important government workers will keep working. My article says that this is not the first overspent shutdown. The first government shutdown was in really late 1995. That one lasted 21 days, into 1996.

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We will Write a custom Essay sample. On, any topic, specifically for you order now, article about government shutdown and opinion about something taylor-Washington my article is about Republicans and Democrats not coming to an agreement on the spending plan for this year. One of the main part of their disagreement Is beamer. My article also talks about what beamer. The beamer will expand short access to health care. Because of the government shut down more than 800,000 government employees will not be working. But most Important government rockers will keep working.

government shutdown essay
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  3. Would a federal government shutdown harm the still-fragile. A shutdown will be in effect starting Friday night if Congress can.

  4. We will Write a custom Essay sample. To inform my audience what the government shut down. A government shutdown will occur if Congress does not pass appropriations bills fo r the fiscal year or another continuing resolution by february.

  5. Ryan Achuff 4/5/2014 Block 1 Rebooting the government The United States government has shut down a total of 18 times in the history of its existence. Congress has a looming midnight deadline to keep the government op en, but there still aren t enough senators willing to vote for a month-long. The us government shutdown was, of course, massive international n ews — it s essentially the world s most powerful country and its largest. Article about government shutdown and opinion about something taylor- washington m y article is about Republicans and Democrats not coming.

  6. Government shutdown, that s right the only t hing keeping us from complete and total anarchy shutdown for 16 days. When the us congress cannot agree on the federal budget, many func tions of the government shutdown. What are the causes and effects?

  7. The federal government shutdown that happened for two weeks in October of 2013 had a big impact on the economy. Congress failed to pass legislation that. Free essay: On October 1 the.

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