The best songwriters

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the best songwriters

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Simon's fame, influence, and commercial success began as part of the duo simon garfunkel, formed in 1964 with musical partner Art Garfunkel. The quality of work produced by simon has been outstanding for over 50 years, many of his songs having become timeless standards. His body of work now stands comparison with any of the world's great composers or poets throughout history. His lyrics are exceptional, poetic, moving and profound, and his melodies have shaped the development of popular music in the post 1960 world. His work consistently has something interesting to say about the human condition, and has at its heart a love for mankind. Yes paul Simon what a fine body of work as a solo artist, with Art Garfunkel and other great musicians. Bridge over Troubled Water one of the greatest songs ever - right at the very top with Danny boy!

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Why is paul all the way down here? How does josh groban even beat paul?! Yesterday is the most covered song of all time. He was proposal part of the biggest band of all time. That band is among the biggest overall musical acts of all time. Had the most successful solo career of all the. Half of the greatest songwriting partnerships. Why is he about all the way down here? Paul should be number 1 his melodies and lyrics are the most influential and beautiful in the history of music. V 36 Comments 4, paul Simon, paul Frederic Simon is an American musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

More, he's also beatles approved - scoopoo, v 49 Comments 3, paul McCartney, sir James paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. With John Lennon, george harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music. The most successful singer/songwriter of all time! It's in the guinness book of world records! And of course he was the other half of the famous songwriting duo lennon/McCartney, he should be here it's so obvious. Paul is considered to be in the greatest writing duet of all time (Lennon-McCartney). He was also part of the biggest band of all time and he is the world's most successful artist.

the best songwriters

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Josh Groban the greatest singer-songwriter of all time? You are all patently complete morons. Because there was no other artist that has performed this consistently over the course of over 50 years? I will generously ignore his "Reborn Period" in the 80's and even during that time he wrote "good mainstream music the it just wasn't anything extraordinary or interesting. The only two artists who rival his songwriting are obviously lennon and McCartney. But neither of them performed this consistently. Lennon died too soon (Roll On John but resumes even he had a bad period and McCartney just wasn't the same after the beatles breakup. Because dylan keeps reinventing himself over the years, moving from Pretest Folk singer to rockstar, back to folk, to country, to Blues, to gospel and then even to some kind of music style, just to release a sinatra cover album and move to a more. Yes, the beatles music was more diverse and Dylan never touched the really freaky stuff (looking at you i am The walrus but the beatles were just.

The answer my friend is (blowin' in the wind :-p :-) ; there's no problem with me but I think john Lennon is 1 or 2 bottom better than. dd369 the best, v 50 Comments 2, bob Dylan, bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer. He won the nobel Prize for literature in 2016. Is obviously the greatest singer songwriter" of all time. Bob Dylan actually wrote his songs, and didn't rely on other people to create them. I honestly have no idea how Josh Groban is even on this list! Should clearly be first.

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the best songwriters

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Musically, lyrics, singing Lennon wins easy. Dylan's word play was resume predictable, lennon's word play was much more clever. Dylan had to write a whole verse to make a point, lennon could do this with few words, lennon was a superior human being. You can back to me with anything you like and I promise you i will counteract. Oh and Lennon never changed?

There is a good case for placing Lennon ahead of Dylan as a songwriter but your argument is way off base on many points. Furthermore, dylan wrote many more songs, and I'd venture to say lennon may have given him the crown. The beatles adored him. Also, since john was killed in 1980, dylan was much more prolific in that decade. Billyv, i tell you that; if you however have chance to ask bob Dylan(one of the most genious when it comes to write masterpieces) that logically who's the best songwriter ever?

Some of Dylan's songs lacked chorus and bridge. Hie version of Norwegian wood was a joke and his Christmas album was embarrassing. In the 80's he produced nothing. Lennon was more prolific and consistent with lyrics and melody. More, hey dude dd369 you don't know anything about song writing and a lennon hater. What is the question, song writer.

One song that kills Dylan. Imagine, it is sung all around the world. Dylan a genius don't make me laugh, it shows you are limited, you can't even spell genius. Song writing is not just lyrics. If Lennon wanted he could easy write like dylan but he was to advanced and much more diverse. Dylan's songs didn't exactly touch people's inner self like lennon's did. What did he do in the 80's, nothing, he is a joke, didn't know what faith to follow and kept chaining.

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He made the beatles in to prophets and hotel took them foreward. Maccartney's greatness shined through only when he was led. Every other songwriter were limited and predictable. Lennon resumes was much more diverse and had more in his locker. I get so fed up hearing about Dylan being a songwriter, he was not, he used music to convey his poetry. He basically was a protest writer and became an icon with that movement. I don't understand why the music industry is obsessed with him. What else did he have. He was envious of Lennon's Intellect and pulling power.

the best songwriters

Well, try and figure that one out. You know what, i already made my point when I wrote about the 'dark side of the moon'. If you're still not convinced, then nothing will convince you. I will say this though, waters' preoccupation with the madness and death can get a trifle boring if they're a recurring theme and they. 1, john Lennon, john Winston Ono lennon, mbe was an English singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a co-founder of the beatles, the most homework commercially successful band in the history of popular music. He was assassinated by mark david Chapman on December 8, 1980 at age. I often wonder people's knowledge on songwriting and what do they base their songwriting. John Lennon is the greatest songwriter ever and wins by a country mile, no one comes close to him not even Dylan.

to come up behind you again/ The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older/ Shorter. See how dull it sounds when it's explained like that but how magical it is when it's set to rhyme. And he doesn't stop there. The whole of the 'dark side of the moon' is an expression of human nature, from birth to death. 'money' examines people's preoccupation with material wealth and the plague of consumerism, 'brain Damage' and 'Eclipse' are similar to the "Second childhood" Shakespeare talks about in 'All the world's a stage'. The reason it's a such a seminal album in recorded music history is because it is philosophy set to such great music. And all of Waters' songs in the '70s were like this. 'Shine.' talks about how Syd Barrett, who had already become an acid casualty, was remembered, 'wish you were here'.

51 Willie dixon 50 Billy joel 49 Don Henley and Glenn Frey 48 Elton John and Bernie taupin 47 neil lab diamond 46 Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong 45 Robbie robertson 44 Jimmy webb 43 Johnny cash 42 Sly Stone 41 Max Martin 40 John Fogerty. I really hate having to sift through great artists to have to pick out the most brilliant one, but this question is uncannily specific and makes it really easy for me to zero in on just one name: Roger Waters. There are artists like paul McCartney, john Lennon, jimmy page, pete townshend, mark Knopfler, bob Dylan, paul Simon, neil young, jim Morrison, mick jagger and Jimi hendrix but none of them, i repeat, none of them come within a mile of Roger Waters when. All of the guys above wrote amazing music (Lennon and McCartney could have farted and it would still have been more tuneful than most of the stuff today), but what most of the people in this thread missed out on was who incorporated meaning. Bob Dylan, who is probably the most serious contender has always had themes which have always been about society and anti establishment stuff, and the kind of songs which are sure to get a crowd charged up to the point where they decide to protest. (Disclaimer: I love bob Dylan. If you really want to take your anger at the statement above out on someone, make it the person who asked this question). The most brilliant song in terms of lyrics would have to be "Time".

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Picking lists will usually get you in hot water. In 2015 Rolling Stone magazine published their 100 best songwriters of all time (the full list is printed below) and included many of the modern greats such as John Lennon, paul McCartney, paul Simon, willie nelson, dolly parton, kanye west and Joni mitchell. There were some interesting less popular choices (thank goodness John Prine made it, although at an absurdly low position 94, and the late merle haggard ) and who could argue with Van Morrison, carole king. But there were some major omissions. So here is my alternate list of the best 100 songwriters not in the rolling Stone 100 - and you can vote my top 10 up or short down. 100 best songwriters missed out by rolling stone 1 Cole porter 2 Townes Van Zandt 3 Ewan MacColl 4 Kate bush 5 ray charles 6 Freddie mercury 7, louis Jordan 8 Damon Albarn 9 John hiatt 10 Richard Thompson 11 Irving Berlin 12 Stephen Sondheim. 84 Kanye west 83 Nicholas Ashford and Valerie simpson 82 Marvin gaye 81 Björk. Kelly 79 Lucinda williams 78 Curtis mayfield 77 Allen toussaint 76 Loretta lynn 75 Isaac hayes and david Porter 74 Patti Smith 73 Radiohead 72 Fats Domino and dave barthomolew 71 Walter Becker and Donald Fagen 70 Dan Penn 69 James taylor 68 jay.

the best songwriters
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  1. Place your vote on the list of Top Ten Best. Best Songwriters ever interactive top ten list at TheTopTens. Vote, add to, or c omment on the best Songwriters ever).

  2. Actually the greatest songwriter ever is Franz Schubert, but let s skip him. I d say that the best way of defining the best songwriter objectively, would. Based on over 12000 votes, john Lennon is currently number 1 out of 323 choices.

  3. Find a various - simply The best Songwriters first pressing or reissue. Complete y our Various collection. Shop Vinyl and CDs. From 60s releases by 2016 Nobel laureate bob Dylan to 21st-century releases by david Crosby and Beck, we pick the top 25 singer.

  4. The daily telegraph editor Martin Chilton responded with a list of 100 best songwriters missed out by rolling Stone, including Cole porter, townes. Picking lists will usually get you in hot water. In 2015 Rolling S tone magazine published their 100 best songwriters of all time (the full list.

  5. Here are the 20 behind-the-scenes songwriters. Yet that s what make the greatest songwriters different from average joe who h as tried to pen a song. The best songwriters usually have written multiple hits that. The 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time is a feature published by the american magazine.

  6. His best work was charged with literary irony but unfolded with the ease of spoken. Many singer-songwriters reach the point where they have too many great. You ve heard of Max Martin and sia, but have you heard of Stev e mac and Ricky reed?

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