Write about your town

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write about your town

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You have been chitchatting with her for a few minutes while waiting for your train to arrive. This question is commonly asked by the French and is not considered rude. Here's how you might answer: you: J'habite à philadelphie. (I live in Philadelphia. madame X: Est-ce que c'est une belle ville? (Is it a beautiful town? it's common for your talking partner to ask for more details about a town they know little to nothing about. In our example above, the woman would like to know if Philadelphia is beautiful.

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Many students study here so that they can go climbing in the national park. The city center is quite small, but there are some other little centers in the different parts of the city. We also writing have a portrait big shopping mall in the north of the city which is very popular. In the evening, there are loads of bars and restaurants to. I can go to different cinemas, swimming pools and ice skating with my friends as well. I like living here because you can find a park here around every corner. 'Where do you live?' This is a question that the French like to ask. Usually, your answer will be completed with a short description of where you live. In this lesson, we'll learn how to answer this question and to give a short description of your town or village in French. The nice woman sitting next to you in the train station asks, où habitez-vous? (Where do you live?).

English Translation: my city is part of the industrial heritage. It has half a million inhabitants and used to be famous for its steel industry. Today there are lots of museums showing how people lived here and worked in the factories. In the past, the city was very dirty because of the factory smoke. Today it is a very green city with lots of pretty parks. We have two universities and over 40,000 essay students living here. Outside the city is a famous national park that attracts millions of visitors a year. There are also many opportunities to be active here, climbing being the most popular one.

write about your town

Hometown in English - esl pages

Außerhalb der Stadt befindet sich ein berühmter Nationalpark, welcher Millionen von Besuchern pro jahr anlockt. Es gibt hier auch viele möglichkeiten, um aktiv zu sein, wobei klettern die beliebteste ist. Viele Studenten studieren eksempel hier, damit sie im Nationalpark klettern gehen können. Das Stadtzentrum ist ziemlich klein, aber es gibt noch einige andere kleine zentren in anderen Stadtteilen. Wir haben auch ein großes Einkaufszentrum im Norden der Stadt, welches sehr beliebt ist. Abends gibts es viele bars und Restaurants wo man hin gehen kann. Ich kann mit meinen Freunden auch in verschiedene kinos, Schwimmbäder und zum Eislaufen gehen. Ich wohne gerne hier, da man hier an jeder Ecke einen Park finden kann.

It closed some years ago because everybody was going to the huge cinema in the big city. I like living here because everything I need is close by and I can have a great time here with my friends. 2.) my big City (Meine Großstadt). Meine Stadt ist teil des industriellen Erbes. Sie hat eine halbe million Einwohner und war mal berühmt für ihre Stahlindustrie. Heute gibt es hier viele museen, die zeigen wie leute hier früher gelebt und in den Fabriken gearbeitet haben. In der Vergangenheit war die stadt sehr dreckig wegen den Fabrikabgasen. Heute ist sie sehr grün mit vielen schönen Parks. Wir haben zwei universitäten, und über.000 Studenten leben hier.

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write about your town

Ielts vocabulary: describe your home town

English Translation: The town I live in is quite small. It only has 45,000 inhabitants and is surrounded by farmland and forests. We also have a nice lake which is a great attraction in summer when many tourists come for holidays. I used to ice skate on the lake in winter when I was younger and the winters were colder. You can go swimming, sailing or windsurfing there and you even can learn how to wakeboard. My town is not far from a big city so people can go shopping there as well, as it only takes 15 minutes by train.

Our town center is very write old and small with small shops and a relaxing atmosphere. It is great for families there because it is very secure and there is a pedestrian zone where no cars are allowed. In summer, you can sit outside of one of the Italian ice cafés and watch the passersby. We also have lots of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can always find something to do here, except for going to the cinema.

Die stadt, in der ich wohne, ist ziemlich klein. Sie hat nur.000 Einwohner und ist umgeben von Landwirtschaft und Wäldern. Wir haben auch einen schönen see, welcher im Sommer eine große attraktion ist, und viele turisten machen hier dann Urlaub. Ich bin früher immer Eislaufen gewesen auf dem see, als es im Winter noch kälter war. Man kann dort schwimmen, segeln oder windsurfen, und man kann sogar wakeboarding lernen.

Meine Stadt liegt nicht weit von einer großen Stadt, so dass die leute dort auch shoppen gehen können, da die zugfahrt nur 15 Minuten dauert. Unser Stadtzentrum ist sehr alt und klein, mit kleinen Geschäften und einer entspannten Atmosphäre. Es ist toll für Familien dort, weil es sehr sicher ist und eine fußgängerzone hat, wo keine fahrzeuge erlaubt sind. Im Sommer kann man in einen der italienischen Eis-Cafés draußen sitzen und die passanten beobachten. Wir haben auch viele Schwimmbäder und Freibäder. Hier kann man immer was unternehmen, außer ins Kino zu gehen. Es wurde vor ein paar Jahren geschlossen, weil jetzt jeder in das riesige kino in der großen Stadt geht. Ich lebe gern hier, da alles was ich brauche dicht dran ist und ich hier eine tolle zeit mit meinen Freunden haben kann.

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Kobe prospered as port town. Thats why a lot slogan of foreign trader came here. When I go to kitano, i can qualitative watch foreign buildings. I thought there is exotic place. I think my hometown is so beautiful. I am proud of my hometown. I want foreign people to know a lot of good places of my hometown. 1.) my small Town (Meine Kleinstadt).

write about your town

many shops near my house. Thats why we can buy anything around my house. My hometown is known beautiful city by a lot of people. We will be able to enjoying sightseeing. I think kitano is the best sightseeing place. I want to recommend foreign people and Japanese people this place.

We could watch wild boars. I felt nature from such occurrence. In addition, i could watch beautiful and nice view from my house. In summer, dillard i could watch beautiful fireworks. When I was young, i had watched fire accident from my house. When I was 4th grade student in Elementary school, we moved. The house is near the station.

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By 050 Rina on may 15, 2014 - 3:11am. I write about my home town. I live okamoto in Kobe. I think my home town has a lot of nature and good view. We can go mountain and sea easily from my home. When I was young I live home on the mountain. I could touch a lot of forest. In addition I could see great and beautiful view from my home. I sometimes climbed mountain near my home with my family.

write about your town
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  1. I write about my home town. I live okamoto i n Kobe. I think my home town has a lot of nature and good view.

  2. Aims: to write a short essay about your villag e/ town/city. Objectives: to read a short essay, to learn adjectives and phrases. By 050 Rina on may 15, 2014 - 3:11am.

  3. I love to live here because the environment. Here we have twelve essays titled my town written by our students. They wrote these essays in March, 2005 as an assignment in an intensive writing course. Focus: Task 4 Extended writing.

  4. Look at the text and do the exercises to practise and improve your reading skills. Write ten sentences about your hometown in English, Free english writing, essay, s ample writing, short paragraph, English homework, your city, town, village. My lovely hometown is at Taman Koperasi polis, gombak. A town, which is located at west of kuala lumpur.

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