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Many of the resources brought valuable information that was incompatible with the database schema in use and changes to the data model immediately followed. In order to avoid those recurring modifications, we created a temporary database for storing and manipulating heterogeneous data. Thus, in the process of record refinement we were also adapting our data model. In addition, conflicts between facts from diverse sources occasionally arose and further research was necessary for their resolutions. To facilitate the clean-up and transformation of data, we used the temporal database, spreadsheets, scripts, macros and google refine (a power tool for working with messy data, molding it from one format into another and extending it with web services). Aside from the biographical information that we were extracting from books, articles and websites on nietzsche, we also needed spatial information (about countries, cities and their coordinates). The primary geographic data that we had obtained was derived from geobytess geoworldMap product.

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Collected works and music albums are treated as compounded media items (defined by part of relationships). Media items are linked to events (as objects). The citation entity holds excerpts from documents, as well as standalone"s and references to multimedia objects. Citations can be linked to both Intervals and events. The participant and Location entity hierarchies participate in after single many-to-many relationships with event. This help us define different thematic roles for all nouns, present in a sentence describing an event, and thus we can preserve more relevant and structured information. Typical thematic roles include: agent, patient, theme, recipient, beneficiary, location, origin, direction, instrument, and experiencer (Santorini and Kroch 2007). The data, one of the main objectives of our project was to present relatively rich and precise information about Friedrich nietzsche, his interactions with the world and the literary and philosophical legacy he had left. Achieving high level of completeness and accuracy requires a combination of heterogeneous sources of data, thus introducing additional conceptual and analytical complexities. It was a challenge that we often faced.

In addition, a number of obscure and subtle events such as Baptism, naturalization, Imprisonment and Inauguration have been added. The included event types did not cover the whole spectrum of events associated with biographical material in healthy its completeness, and they were further expanded during the data extraction and population process. An importance attribute was added to events. It is a positive integer in the interval between 1 and 10, which indicates the significance of individual events (10 being the highest and 1 the lowest determined by the event type (writing is considered as more important than reading and allows us to filter. As the semantic model did not provide a complete representation of the relationship segment of a biography, we developed a relationship classification hierarchy, which unified several types of relationships such as family and marital relationships, and professional collaborations. Moreover, we introduced Media item, citation, participant and Location entities. Information about text documents (books, articles, lectures) and music compositions is stored in a single table media item. A media type property is assigned to each item.

biography database

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Fortunately, an abstract semantic model for describing biographical information about people already existed the bio rdf schema (davis and dillard Galbraith 2010). Thus, we decided to adopt it and build. According to the bio vocabulary, a persons life may be well depicted as a series of interconnected major events, to which additional details and relevant information can be attached. The model can be considered as person-centric rather than neutral. It defines and describes several core classes and properties that can be used to create a relatively complete story of a persons life and his or her interactions with other individuals, organizations (institutions) and the surrounding environment. We incorporated the underlying concepts of the bio classes in the design of our database. For example, events limit intervals of time (timespans) that can be associated with particular long-term or short-term relationships between individuals and groups of people (or organizations). Distinct types of life events are available as the obvious Birth, Education, marriage and death.

The aim of our project is to convey a holistic view on nietzsches life, which will help us understand better his elusive character and assist us in tracing the origin and influence of his ideas. To attain this ambitious goal we compiled reliable biographical information on the philosopher from a wide variety of sources and organized it in a structured/relational database. Moreover, we reconciled and extended the data with semantic repositories. After following analysis and assessment, we built a publicly-accessible website, incorporating rich visual and interactive presentations of people, events, places and objects, related to the life of Friedrich nietzsche. The data model, a web applications flexibility and its data reliability are closely dependent on its underlying data model. To ensure the quality of the data, we had to develop a structurally-sound model, which gives a real-world context, leverages generic structures and follows naming standards. In addition, it had to capture the considerable diversity of biographical information in its entirety, while avoiding inconsistencies and redundancy. One of the most valuable instruments that we could use to fulfill the criteria was abstraction: the ability to increase the types of information a design can accommodate using generic concepts (Hoberman 2007).

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biography database

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United States 2018 Summer poker Series, las Vegas. United States, ante Up World Championship, lincoln, united States, wpt gardens poker Festival, los Angeles. Our website uses cookies to make your experience on our website better. If you essay continue to use this website then we will assume you are ok with that. Introduction, friedrich nietzsche, one of the most prominent figures in the history of Western philosophy, left an enduring legacy behind. His challenging philosophical work had a profound impact on the thinking of twentieth century political leaders and intellectuals. For decades arduous scholars and interpreters (among them Michel foucalt, george bataille, jacques Derrida and leo strauss) have been pondering over questions regarding nietzsches extraordinary personality and grandiose controversial ideas.

No sequential numbering system was adopted, significant milestones being calculated simply by counting the entries. This was probably easier to do than might appear because of the number of peals per card (about 50). The totals may have been counted as peals were entered: small dotted lines appear underneath peals which turn out to be the 100th, 150th and. When the database was largely complete, kenneth started writing articles for the ringing World. Initially these surveyed the peal ringing activity in each county. When the series was complete he turned to keeping things up-to-date by writing articles called 'points from recent peals'.

These mainly noted first peals on bells, rare visitors (eg first peal for 50 years) and notable milestones (eg 100th peal on the bells). Periodically he surveyed leading peal towers and noted changes in order and speed at which milestones were achieved. Publication of the articles sometimes generated correspondence, both public and private, comparing his records with those kept locally, and this helped to further refine the accuracy of his records. When it became clear that his database was turning into a significant resource, kenneth decided to leave it in his will to the central council. As a result, on his death maintenance of the manual database was taken on by david dearnley, whilst investigations were made into the feasibility of transferring existing and future records to a computer-based medium. Total live earnings 4,911, best live cash 3,092, nationality: England England. List Mode, map Mode, united States, deepStack Championship poker Series, las Vegas.

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The data recorded for each peal is resumes simply the date and the method. The classification of methods (eg Surprise etc) is not generally recorded, though 'tb 'delight' appears where relevant. The number of methods in multi-method and Spliced peals is shown. There is thus enough data to be pretty certain what was rung in each peal. Whilst we like might now regret that more data is not recorded, we must remember the enormous manual task involved. Peals are recorded in the order in which they appeared in the source data. This usually equates with chronological order, though towers with frequent peals sometimes have peals out of order. Late submissions are sometimes recorded with a rw date.

biography database

In 1954 Kenneth was elected Librarian of the winchester portsmouth in 1954, in succession to Albert Yorke-bramble. The latter had established the new guild library with a collection of ringing literature donated by the late george williams, and it was probably the custodianship of the library which first sparked Kenneth's interest in cataloguing peal records. Initially he was interested in towers in the guild's area - many were still unpealed in those days - but later he extended his records to cover every tower in the uk and, subsequently, in the world. Most of the data came from The ringing World, from 1911 and, before that, The bell News from 1881. Working through bound volumes in order, the records from 1881 were gradually built. At the same time, records of earlier peals were gathered from many sources and with the help of many other people. Early peal boards, catalogued by the central council, were an invaluable press source of information on pre-1881 peals. The peals are recorded on lined cards, about 11" by 7 in landscape form. Each card is divided into three columns and takes around 50 peals.

skills, largely through the influence of george williams at North Stoneham. Kenneth's first peal was rung on Easter Monday 1945. When he took the living at St Michael's southampton there was no band but he set about rectifying this with the help of Charles h kippin, who came to live in the area at about the same time. In 1948 the bells were augmented to 10, and thereafter St Michael's developed into one of the leading ten-bell towers in the country. Many peals of Surprise royal were rung in methods new to the winchester portsmouth guild, and Kenneth took part in most of these. In all he rang just under 100 peals, including the first Clerical peal of royal, at Magdelen College, oxford on Kenneth was a central council representative for the winchester portsmouth diocesan guild from 1946 to 1972 and an honorary member from then until 1983. He was, at various times, a member of the Standing Committee, peals Analysis Committee, methods Committee, redundant Bells Committee and the rescue fund for Redundant Bells. He was Master of the winchester portsmouth diocesan guild from 1962 to 1968.

In 1939 Kenneth was appointed as Chaplain and Lecturer in Mathematics at King Alfred's College, winchester, but war broke out and a few months you after he had taken up his appointment, the college was taken over by hm forces. Kenneth was unable through health reasons to serve in the forces, so during the war years he looked after the parish of Weston, near southampton, while the incumbent was on active service. In 1946 he was appointed to the living of St Michael's southampton where he stayed for 24 years. He was made an honorary canon of Winchester Cathedral in 1962. In 1970 he was appointed Master of St Cross Hospital, winchester and held this living until his retirement in 1979, when he was made canon Emeritus. Thereafter he lived at Warminster, wilts and latterly at Goring, Oxon. He died on 26 February 1994. Kenneth learned to ring at beighton around 1934.

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Legend: Intermediate standings during the current season are in italics. Wins and Top6-point-Positions are marked bold. When racing in several series in a season the chronologically later participation is always on top. Felstead - biography, kenneth Walter Harry felstead was born on 3rd March 1914 at beighton, then in Derbyshire, now part of Sheffield. He was educated at Chesterfield Grammar School and Sheffield University where he graduated in 1935 in General Science, followed by an MSc in geology, also at Sheffield. He trained for the ministry at Lichfield Theological College (1935-7) and was ordained deacon at Derby cathedral on Trinity sunday in 1937 and priest, also at Derby cathedral, in 1938. He served his curacy at St John's, long Eaton from 1937-39, where he met Sylvia front musson whom he married in 1940.

biography database
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