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duke essays

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Kondraki further into the central containment areas. Kondraki, with a small lead, is able to enter non-sentient object containment and makes his way past two armed guards by flashing his. Scp-083 enters non-sentient containment, kills and drains several nearby researchers. Kondraki within the area, resulting in further casualties. Kondraki accesses a safe within containment, removes a circular object and retreats from containment back into hallway r-17. Scp-083 continues to pursue, and appears to take chase. Moments later, a flash of light is seen by a camera down the hall, and a bright, disc-like object impacts scp-083. Scp-083 loses his leg, and falters.

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Professor kain Pathos Crow: Yes. Interviewer: Uh-huh, so he's a resume potential liability. Professor kain Pathos Crow: Oh, i never said that. Granted, he's about as inaccurate as a faulty hand grenade or something of that ilk, the only safe place to be around him is probably inside him or something. But he gets things done, at the expense of everyone and everything around him not sturdy enough to withstand the blast. Interviewer: Professor kain Pathos Crow: What? Security log C-083-k. Kondraki exits down hallway r-14 while scp-083 pursues. Severe damage caused due to blindness inflicted. Kondrakis camera (See: scp-515-arc which responsibilities caused considerable thrashing until regeneration could set. Scp-083 recovers, and pursues.

Or see how exactly how he regenerated from decapitation. Or how he reacted to two-one-seven. Or if he'd be a good organ donor. Or if he was- Interviewer: Uh sir could you please just answer loyalty the question? Professor kain Pathos Crow: Hm? Oh yes, well. Kondraki seems to get by in these sort of situations. A master of pulling it out of his ass, so to speak. Interviewer: so would you label him as reckless then?

duke essays

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Kondraki survived the following moments after the failed termination, due to the destruction surgery of all surveillance equipment beforehand. Security cameras outside of scp-083s containment showed. Kondraki and scp-083 exiting the containment approximately half an hour later. Forensic examination of the damages incurred within the containment are underway. Regardless, a red alert was issued, and security teams were dispatched to contain scp-083 and get. Kondraki to safety, including Mobile Strike force Rho-2 Hawthornes Heroes. As hindsight shows, it would have been more economical to have just shot. o5-2 excerpt from post-incident interview 083-kpc-13 Professor kain Pathos Crow: It really was a pity about ol' eighty-three i had a couple of things I wanted to do with him. Like stick him in nine-one-four on various settings and see what happened.

Excerpt from post-incident interview interviewer: And, after reviewing the logs, do you think kondraki acted recklessly? Bright: (Silence) Interviewer:. Bright: This This tape is un-doctored? Interviewer: That is correct. Bright shows signs of agitation, swearing in several different languages, and throwing equipment about the room.) Interviewer:. Bright: Not only did I bet that asshole five grand that he wouldn't be able to throw cat piss at 083, but he didn't even have the good grace to die during the termination! Do you realize how much I'm going to lose from paying out on that? At this point in the logs, we are unsure how.

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duke essays

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At what point did you conclude that scp-083 might be vulnerable to the time same weaknesses of a stereotypical vampire, despite no previous evidence? Kondraki: Honestly, i was guessing. I figured, either it dissertation worked and I got done early enough to catch some lunch, or Id have to think fast before he killed. I couldnt think of anything else, so i decided to play it by ear. youre saying you made it up as you went along? Isnt that grossly irresponsible, considering scp-083s capabilities? Kondraki: Hes dead, aint he?

I dont have to explain myself if I get the job done. Alright, fair enough, but I have to wonder about one more thing. Why cat urine? Kondraki: Well, if I was wrong and it didnt work, hed still be the one covered in cat piss. Didn't think he'd take offense like he did, though.

Or your lack of respect. Kondraki: Blows smoke in scp-083s direction, funny, i dont recall giving a shit. Kondraki proceeds to grab the container, and splash the liquid onto scp-083, far before containment teams and backup agents could get into position. Scp-083: Whatthe fuck did you splash me with? Kondraki: Cat urine and garlic juice, batboy, with a bit of silver nitrate.

Kondraki flips the collaspable table up into scp-083, and grabs a firearm from under the table, muttering about 'Always keeping a backup'. He discharges his handgun seven times into scp-083s chest and neck, before producing a wooden stake from his lab coat. The bullets were confirmed to be comprised of a silver alloy. None of these actions had been planned or approved. Kondraki: Cross that off the list of things ive always wanted. Post-Incident Interview dk-083, interviewer:.

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Kondraki proceeds to unscrew the top from the container, and sets it friendship to the side. Scp-083 appears to recoil from the smell. Agent Infred stepped forward to frisk doctor Kondraki. He swiftly liberated a hand gun from Kondraki's person. Agent Infred: Sorry sir, this isn't authorized. So, why dont you tell me about yourself, Drac? Are you the mythical force of darkness that plagues the psyche of humanity, or are you just a spoiled manchild playing vampire? Scp-083: looks a bit annoyed I dont think i like your attitude doctor.

duke essays

Besides, i asked for the interview, and as you know I do get what I want. Although I remember that you requested a woman, hope youre not too disappointed, count. Kondraki proceeds to light a cigarette, and produces a container of a specially treated fluid. In the pre-termination report,. Kondraki did not specify the contents for security reasons. Scp-083: I cant say im pleased to accept a brutish specimen of humanity such as yourself, life over a lovely morsel of femininity. Dont worry, ill just have to make it up with. once were finished here.

duke, real well for something out of a bram Stoker novel. Scp-083 takes the seat across from him. Scp-083: Well, i must be doing something right doctoryou know, come to think of it I dont think ive seen you around Site. Kondraki: good, you shouldnt have. Now, lets get on with this interview already, ive got better things to do than chat with a bloodsucker. Im not calling you on your diet, am I?

kondraki was chosen to perform the termination. After giving himself the proper clearance and approval to do so through a loophole he had found in relevant regulations, O5 grudgingly accepted his self-appointment. O5-8* essay assuaged the boards fears with. Kondrakis impressive credentials, and claimed that given such an important responsibility, he might finally take his position seriously. It should be noted here that O5-8 was a new appointment, and had not been present for the previous disciplinary actions involving the senior doctor. Included below are the relevant logs and documentation concerning the duke termination. Note: For information involving the collateral damages sustained during the termination, see document 083-d-kk. o5-2, containment Log 083-dk,.

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Rating: 369 x, foreword by O5-2: On, an investigation was launched into the continued viability of scp-083. Several factors were taken into account, such as the relative danger involved in sustained containment and cost-benefit of the costly procurement of virgin blood on a the regular basis. In conclusion, a unanimous decision to terminate scp-083 was made amongst the O5, and handed down to site 19 administrators. After researching the difficulties involved in terminating a regenerating, superhuman, and potential Keter object, the termination was set in motion. The man chosen for the task was an old standby, a man of great experience and expertise in the elimination of humanoid scp objects of great destructive potential. Known for his clean, almost surgical method, he was quickly approved to carry out the termination. Unfortunately, he was not available. Despite urging from peers and subordinates,.

duke essays
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  4. Foreword by O5-2: On - -, an investigation was launched into the continued viability of scp-083. Several factors were taken into account, such as the relative danger involved in sustained containment and cost-benefit of the. College application personal statements and supplemental essays that worked. See how thousands of students got in to top schools and improve your chance of admission.

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