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orientation leader resume

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You will meet the orientation leader team at Stars 101 and during Stars week. Orientation leaders are friendly, familiar with campus life, and ready to help new students and their families get comfortable with the transition to college life. Join the, oklahoma city University Class of 2019 Facebook page and look for the 2015 Orientation leaders' posts about campus life. They can also answer any questions you have. Who are this year's nso leaders? Click here to meet all of our nso staff team! What positions are there in the nso team?

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Great Dane welcome ols will attend and assist with Welcome week initiatives in the fall 2018 and Spring 2019 as assigned. OLs will attend and assist with Orientation and Transition Programs tabling and programs as assigned throughout the Academic year. Orientation leader Time commitment Spring 2018 Semester Paperwork submission April 17th or 18th (drop in to submit paperwork) Two handwriting training sessions Friday, april 20th, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Friday, may 4th, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Volunteer opportunity: big event on April 21st Summer. Residence halls will be closed during that time and Orientation leaders will need to leave campus for the recess. Fall 2018 (August 19 august 26) Part-time commitment One Freshman Orientation Program One Transfer Orientation Program Support for Opening week activities January 2019 Part-time commitment One Freshman Orientation Program Two Transfer Orientation Programs Compensation Stipend of 2,500 for work from June 3 through August. Free room and board during Training and Summer Orientation (June 3 - august 3). Hourly pay for Fall and January Orientations. 2 credits if you are enrolled in community service class and participate in 60 service hours throughout the fall semester with Orientation and Transition Programs. Orientation leaders are ocu student leaders who are committed and motivated to connecting new students to the campus community. Orientation leaders are selected in January, and meet every other duke week during the Spring semester to plan and prepare for Stars week.

Administrative duties OLs will work individually and collectively to help each other perfect skills in program presentations, facilitate small group discussions, deliver testimonials, and maintain a welcoming environment. OLs will work to increase each others knowledge of the Universitys and Orientation and Transition Programs goals, academic and social programs, personnel resources, and facilities. OLs will design and construct all necessary program materials to successfully present aspects of summer orientation programs (i.e. Deliver testimonials, floor and office decorations, etc.). OLs will assist with administrative tasks during Orientation as delegated by Orientation and Transition Programs staff. These the tasks will include, but not be limited to: assisting with late check-in, placing and collecting directional signs, assisting with program presentations, attending the various programs during each Orientation session, making signs, placing labels on materials, running errands, assisting with Orientation parking, cleaning out storage. OLs will assist with other duties related to the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs as assigned.

orientation leader resume

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OLs will conduct small group meetings and discussions for new students and family members. OLs will represent all University organizations to the good best of their ability to new students and their families. OLs will assist academic advisors and representatives, in order to help students understand the course registration process. OLs will connect with new students and/or family members through social media to continue to foster student and family connections. The frequency and content of these communications will be based on guidelines provided by the Orientation and Transition Programs staff. OLs will engage in reflective assessment activities throughout their term of employment to provide feedback about their experience, knowledge, skills, development, etc. Each ol must stay in his/her own room the night before and the night during an orientation session. Overnight guests are not allowed to stay with OLs during this time.

This includes freshman overnight programs. Be free of outside commitments to organizations, employers, and/or classes between June 3rd and August 3rd (unless given prior permission from the director of Orientation and Transition Programs). Be available to work for the entirety of the Orientation summer commitment of June 3rd through August 3rd. Responsibilities, orientation leaders play a vital role in helping new students adjust to our campus community. Assistance to new students and families: OLs will welcome new students and family members to the University and assist them in the initial orientation registration and check-in. Specific tasks are assigned to each ol per session. OLs will assist in the implementation of specific programs for Summer Orientation and work with students and families throughout the summer. OLs will serve as a role model and facilitator to new students and families during small and large group settings. OLs will serve as a source of information regarding academics, policies and procedures, campus services, activities, building locations, and all other aspects of life at UAlbany.

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orientation leader resume

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Qualifications, all Orientation leaders: Possess a positive attitude, knowledge, and enthusiasm for UAlbany. Exhibit leadership potential, professional demeanor, strong work ethic, and willingness to accept responsibility. Display good teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills. Demonstrate respect for the diverse ualbany community and exhibit a desire to work well with a diverse group of students, staff, faculty, administrators, new students, and new family members. Demonstrate the ability to problem solve, take initiative, and manage conflict. Have a working knowledge of University resources. Conditions of Employment, all Orientation leaders must: be matriculated University at Albany undergraduate students resume who is currently enrolled and will attend UAlbany in the fall 2018 semester.

Have a minimum cumulative gpa.75 at the University at Albany. Be in good conduct standing (no active conduct sanctions at the University). Be available to participate in the application and interview process (see calendar in Application Process tab). Be available to participate in all training sessions and orientation programs during summer 2018 and academic year. Be available to students and family members at all times once they are on campus during the summer Orientation program.

The Orientation team plays a vital role in helping new students and families adjust to our campus community. Orientation leaders (OLs) go above and beyond to welcome students and families to the University at Albany. To do this, they create a welcoming and informative environment and serve as a resource for new students and their families. All Orientation Staff attend Orientation leadership Training. This leadership training provides OLs with the necessary skills and experience to assist new students and their families during the summer and throughout their first-year experience.

Orientation leaders support the mission of Orientation and Transition Programs by preparing new students and their families to: Identify campus resources, traditions, and ways to contribute to the ualbany community. Engage with university faculty, staff and current students. Plan for academic success by setting personal and educational goals. Describe behaviors that promote the Universitys Community rights and Responsibilities. Demonstrate respect for the diversity of their campus community. In total, 20 Orientation leaders will be hired and assigned one of the following specialties: 16 Group leaders: responsible for leading and mentoring new students during their Orientation (including student group activities, leading walking tours, presentations, and testimonials). 4 Family leaders: responsible for leading and participating in aspects of the family Orientation program (including leading walking tours, bus tours, and testimonials).

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Other meetings, as arranged, will be required throughout the program. Other employment or summer school attendance during like the Orientation program is not possible. In addition, new Student Orientation leaders are expected to work Undergraduate International Orientation in August, which runs the week before classes begin during the fall semester unless previous commitments such as ra (Resident Assistant) training are disclosed. If the position is offered, then these prior commitments must be disclosed before accepting the position. Benefits/Compensation, new Student Orientation leaders will gain significant leadership experience; develop professional relationships with faculty, staff, and students; and learn effective communication skills. In addition, new Student Orientation leaders will receive a stipend, a room in a residence hall, meals during the program, and Orientation sweatshirt/shirts. Orientation leader Applications are available now. Applications are due on Wednesday, february 28th.

orientation leader resume

The Orientation leader position is an outstanding opportunity for any student interested in gaining leadership skills. Responsibilities, the new Student resume Orientation leader will work with other staff members to facilitate the Orientation program by: leading discussion groups with new students on sensitive issues; Assisting in the preparation of Orientation activities and materials; Explaining academic opportunities and procedures; Acquainting new students with. Upholding and enforcing all aspects of the University conduct code. Time commitment, new Student Orientation leaders receive training during the spring semester on such issues as facilitation, conflict management, communication skills, sexual violence and health, diversity and a variety of leadership topics. The goal is to challenge individuals both personally and academically in order to develop facilitation skills needed for the position. Do not apply for the new Student Orientation leader position unless you can attend all of the training commitments. Details about training are provided at the Orientation leader Information Sessions, held in October each year. Training for the new Student Orientation leader position includes a 3credit, upper-division education course taught during the spring; two on-campus daylong workshops; an off-campus retreat; and a final training period held in may. Work requirements, the Orientation sessions run from mid-may to mid-July, during which time Orientation leaders are required to live in the Orientation residence hall and be available monday through Friday.

culture. You will also receive an Orientation leader T-shirt and a cal bag! How do i apply? Please fill out the application form. Contact Amy Chin-pokhrel. A new Student Orientation leader conveys information to new students about University programs and services. They assist with all orientation events and play a vital role in helping to facilitate the adjustment of new students to the campus community.

Possess leadership, problem-solving, and team-building skills as demonstrated by past leadership experience. Be available for all of the above listed training and orientation business events. Orientation leader Duties: Serve as a role model and a resource to new international students and their families during orientation week. Perform in orientation skits addressing common cultural transition issues of international students at uc berkeley. Facilitate ice-breakers and lead team-building activities. Participate in student panels or give presentations for new international students and their families. Assist in preparation, implementation, and evaluation of International Student Orientation. Perform other duties as assigned by bio staff.

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Orientation leaders International Office, skip to main content, you are here. Home, orientation leaders, be a fall 2018 Orientation leader! Uc berkeley has more than eksempel 8000 international students from over 135 different countries. Berkeley international Office (BIO) hosts a half day of orientation events before the start of fall semester to welcome new international students and help them adjust to their new life at uc berkeley. Bio is looking for 20 outstanding Orientation leaders (OLs) to help facilitate orientation activities on August 14, 2018. Time commitment, ol training: August 13, 2018. Orientation: August 14, 2018, qualifications, full-time student at uc berkeley in good academic standing we welcome both international and domestic students.

orientation leader resume
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If you have questions about any aspect of the Orientation leader selection process that are not answered on this page, or the faq, please contact. The Orientation team plays a vital role in helping new students and families adjus t to our campus community.

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